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In the birthday celebration!


Happy 28th birthday Akiya.. In Japan it is the day after but in Europe it's still today :p But you will probably never see this xD but I will celebrate this day with you in my mind! I wanted to buy cake but I went to Lidl and they didn't have what I wanted so I got some german Apfel-strudel:

It wasn't as great as the cake would have been but it was still good. I have been longing for apple with cinnamon for a few days (^-^)"
Hope you had a great day! The original tour plan says you are supposed to be in Spain tonight but maybe it was canceled I don't know (~.~)..
Anywho! I said yesterday I would post the merch I bought at the Stockholm concert.. so I will :p under a cut!

First of all.. the.. keychain thingy!

I realized though that I rarely use my keys the way I used to so no one will see this too often xD but I got it for me! Even though I want to expose everyone of Kagrra, always always...
Next, T-shatsu!!

If only I felt comfortable wearing band t-shirts xD I don't know why i don't like to.. But it is my most comfortable tee so I will probably use it sometimes anyway. As I said, I want to expose people of Kagrra, xD
Nnnneeeext!!! My fan (T-T)

I love this fan, seriously!! I couldn't afford this.. So I had decided not to get it.. But I wanted it so badly that when my friend Twiggybot decided to buy it once we were in the queue for the signing that I begged to borrow money for one as well xD" Aaaah I'm lucky she did lend some money for it.. I shouldn't have gotten it even though she did but I know that if I hadn't I would have beaten myself up about it everytime I saw hers in the future.. Now I'm just happy about it!
And lastly, the poster with the autographs (*-*)//

I will NEVER forget the joy of seeing them up close.. Aah the cuteness of Shin checking if he had written the autograph alright xD CUTEY!!
The beautiful happy smiles of Nao and Isshi.. Izumi hurrying on (O.o) .... and Akiya *faints* I was so close to laughing out loud at his little head xD that he drew that is.. His own head is gorgeous (O.o) nothing to laugh about there.. I almost died by the look of his smile when he looked up at me when he was done~ GAH!!!! *faints*
Thank you my lovelies for coming here, letting me have the best day of my life so far! I love you always~

And if you want to see photos from the concert you can check them here: (btw, in the second to last photo it's my fan in front of beautiful Nao's face xD" oops..)