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In the boredom

Aah I'm bored. I'm just waiting for it to get a little later so I can go to bed. Tomorrow I will have my first day at uni for this fall! It's exciting.. But when I looked through my korean books I thought to myself "what have I gotten myself into.." aah I wonder how this will end.. But I will work hard! I want to learn korean well (^-^) I want to be able to read Heechul's cyworld.. OK not only because of that xD I want to do some research that require korean and japanese (^-^)" aah.. Future plans.. Feel a little strange to have this kind of plan going on. Most of my plans aren't seen as so serious by others (O.o)" oh well.. Speaking of Heechul, I could read up on old entries until I go to bed. *nods*

Something that wasn't boring at all was my beloved Kagrra, live!!! Oh GOD I love them so much!!!! I still can't believe I saw them live, and I can REALLY not get that I actally got to meet them and shake their hands!! *faints*
It was unbelievable.. Isshi and Nao spoke swedish during the live XD so cute!!! Aah what they do for their "fans".. most who came were for sure not fans, only some new nerds who think it's cool to go to every japanese live that's in Stockholm.. but oh well :D I don't mind that much! I actually with more had come. Isshi DID promise they would come back but if we had been fewer coming to the live they probably wouldn't come back.. I want them to come back now!! (T_T)
I will post my concert goods tomorrow maybe.. Can't be bothered now... Yeah I'll do it for Akiya's birthday! Tomorrow indeed.. while I'm eating a cake for him (*o*)//
Aaaaaaah Kagrraaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *faints again*