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In the Dream Castle

Sunday is almost here.. tomorrow is saturday already. I'm freaking out everytime I think about sunday so I try not to.. So I've spent the day in the My little pony Dream Castle. It got a well needed clean up.. After all these years of playing and idiotic neglect it was pretty dirty. I can't really remember ever cleaning it, but I do hope I did it atleast once. I remember playing with snails in it xD" oh dear..

I got this castle for either my 6th or 7th birthday. I don't think I got everything that came with the castle because my mom bought it second hand. I do know I never had the original Spike that should have been there. I can't remember having the chest either. I do think I may have had the table and goblets but they are gone now as well as some other little trinkets (-.-)" I got the castle along with Majesty and another pony named Windy (purple version).

What's left of the castle is on these pictures:
While cleaning it

It's a little broken D: and it has got a horrible shade of yellow (T.T) Oh how horrible I've been to my poor ponies over the years.. Playing long days out in the sun.. Then packing in boxes only to neglect them for some time.. I feel so bad (ToT)!!

Front!! Welcome in!

Please ignore the background.. I wish I could go outside in a backyard and take nice pictures in the grass but I dont have a backyard (~ ~)

Right now I'm mostly mad about not being able to find two of the golden shoes (>.<) I may have them in one of the big bags of toys that I left at mom's for my sisters children.. I will have to go home one of these days to look through everything.. Many many trinkets are missing!

I want to post some closeups of the images that's on the walls in the castle! My favorite is the picture of ... Spikes mom? xD!!

Top west tower

Bottom west tower.. With the picture of Spikes mom?

Top east tower

Bottom east tower, the kitchen!!

Top small tower, the childrens room.. very small.. I have many baby ponies xD"

Bottom small tower

There's a giant cat out there (O.O)" ... Again, ignore the background xD I didn't feel like moving the kittyfood.

Well that's all the pictures I took of the castle. I could take better pics if anyone would want me to :p


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Hello hello! (^-^)/
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