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In the kagura

Well.. First of all, if you only came to look at my pony's you can look
I didn't take that many photos of these two but there's atleast two more angles so you get to see a little more of the details :)
These are probably the last two pony's I bought when I was younger. Can't really remember buying any after these. But hopefully I'll get to buy more later on~

The first two images I didn't post on pupe since I already posted the two last and I don't want to post the same thing and risk to loose my ribbons and items :p

The later kissy-pic reminds me of my two cats xD They liked to sniff eachothers noses lol.. So cute..

And here's the two I've posted on pupe.jp.

GAWD!!! This week is so.. I don't know what to say.. I've got too little to do so I don't stimulate myself enough so I can't sleep at night anymore no matter how tired I am.. which is kind of ok since I like to watch some of the olympics xD sadly they don't show much of what I want to see... but this morning they showed men's gymnastics *o* hohoho!! It was amazing!

So to try to get a little more tired to be able to get some sleep I decided to go to Stockholm city and look for a Lidl store that wasn't too far away so I can buy cheap food.. and I went to ask when my next Kera! comes :p I don't know why, but Sun Ai get them very late.. Didn't Sci-Fi Bokhandeln already have the August issue? Which Sun Ai says will come next month? Or was it the July issue which Sun Ai will get later this month.. Well maybe I just didn't look that closely and got the month/issue wrong xD Oh well. As long as I don't miss any more it's ok that they are late. I wont get money till later in the month anyway!!

Sci-Fi Bokhandeln (The sci-fi bookstore duh) is in Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm.. I accidently went there because I had planned to go to this record store in Gamla stan that I know sell some japanese CD's (need new Kagrra CD to get signed *dies* WHICH THEY DIDN'T HAVE!!!).. And I decided to comfort myself by buying some green tea chocolate and accidently went too far and ended up seeing "L change the world" in the window of Sci-Fi xD I didn't find it inside. I'm blind.... But I must say that Gamla stan in August is Hell (>.<) SO many tourists.. and everyone is walking like snails because they have to see everything.

BUT!!! I am so happy I am about to BURST!!!! It's so close now till I will FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get to see Kagrra live!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You can't imagine how happy I am! OH GAWD!! It's not many days left till sunday now. AND!!!!! They will have a signing event after the concert and I don't know what to do.. I was hoping sooooo much that they would, it has been like the only think I have had on my mind lately (part from the total Kaoru obsession I have from time to time..) I only wanted to see them up close so badly.. and today when I got home from the city Hannya had written an offline message on MSN saying that they will have the signing event.. I cried (-.-)" then I watched their European Tour Message.. Fangirled over Shin's koto, LMAO'ed at Izum.. and cried after it ended (-.-)" I'm a crybaby.. But I can't help it.. I've wanted to see them live for so many years now. They are the greatest.

Just so I won't start to act like a crybaby again I will end this entry with a cut! Some pics of a new item they sold in Sun Ai. I could go back tomorrow just to get one more...
It's... CANDY!!! Well chocolate.. Japanese Strawberry Flavoured Chocolate. In an ice cream cone (O.o) Heaven? Probably.. Look at it!! It's the kind of chocolate that's filled with little bubbles. I love that kind of choco.. If you can get your hands on this you are lucky!

Look the bubbles!!!! Sorry it's half eaten but I wanted to show the chocolate flavoured chocolate in the middle heh..


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Aug. 15th, 2008 08:47 am (UTC)
OMG!!!!!!!!!! Jag vill ha en så chokladmojängstrut!!!! Du får visa vägen O heliga mästare av stockholms asiatiska affärer!!
Aug. 15th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
hihihi ok då :D vi åker och köper sån och drar till gamla stan och glor efter våra objects of kidnapping :p
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