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In the cyberworld

Last night I had a big laugh. Around midnight I thought I'd read up on Cyworld a little before going to bed. I want to sign up on cyworld so bad and I found a guide for foreighners so I may just create an account one of these days. But last night I decided to read some of the rules they have for signing up and.. something I found there made me laugh so much:

22.1    The Company shall not be liable for not providing the Service if it is unable to do so due to acts of God or other force majeure.

Oh really? So.. God.. sometimes close the site so that we wont be able to log on or something? :D Hillarious stuff.. Sorry if some christians think I'm a horrible person for this but seriously xD You know a country is a little bit too christian when they can blame "God".. or other forces.. for keeping the site down. Wonder if I can use that in school.. Yeah sorry I couldn't write my essay because "God" made my computer shut down and I couldn't get it to start again.. Sorry xD