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In the total mess

Alot has happend since my last post. I went home to the forest for a few weeks, spending my days with a new obsession called Poupée Girl and packing all my things to get ready to move back to Stockholm fulltime. And here I am now in my new one-room apartment. I am in a desperate need to go to IKEA to buy some things though xD I have like nothing. I have a bed and a tv and my computer.. not too much else. Well a chest that I got from grandma when I was little on which the computer is resting for now. Oh and my beloved electric fan which I need now because it's always too hot in here. Oh well.. as I don't have any bookshelf or table or anything useful I can't really unpack my boxes of books, candles, buddhas and video games.. My apartment is a big mess really..

I do feel really happy though. I don't think I have realized I actually live on my own many many miles away from the forest. It will come to me though later on when uni starts and I have to get out more often and see that I'm in the big city now. Alone.. with my cat.. and the and I discovered before.. I tried to get the cat to eat it but it was too fast. Lazy cat.. He used to be such a good ant and spider catcher. Ah yeah anyway :D I've also decided to actually go through with the change from japanese to korean. Though I am a little nervous that I won't get into the korean-class in August.. Though they DO accept EVERYONE who apply for japanese so they should accept all few who apply for korean as well. And no one I've spoken to so far have seen a problem with it.. But you know how it is, can't be too sure till it's final.

As a final comment I must say I'm so VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY because I decided to live on air and dust and buy a ticket for the Kagrra, concert in Stockholm in August~~ Gaaaaaaah I can't wait!! Kagrra, is one of the few bands I would actually cry rivers for not seeing if they come this close. So since I've become a big girl now I decided to treat myself to the wonderful, amazing Kagrra,. They come a little too soon though. I had made plans on what to wear to the future concert if they decided to come.. and I don't have any of the things yet xD oh darn I said.. Oh well. I think I'll go in my normal everyday clothes. Because I'm sure there will be just too many j-rocker wannabe's there anyway. And I'm sure that some will have some wa-loli clothes T_T I want to be wa-loli~ Just like a proper japan-nerd/Kagrra,-nerd~ Can I also add enka-nerd to this?

Oh and anyone who want to add me on Poupée! I'm now 비공주 -Bi-.