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In the depth of thought

Last night I watched an episode of Cold Case where they had a case with this girl who had died in the.. I don't know, 50s? 60s? Can't remember unfortunately. Anyway, she was dressed as a boy most of the time, didnt use make-up and had a boys haircut. And so she was bullied and locked away in some horrible place where they put girls with that same "sickness" and tried to "heal" them by forcing them to learn to use makeup, and if they refused they got electric shocks so they lost their mind... It was horrible to watch because I could see myself in that girl. Since I never have been a "girl" as the society wants girls to be like. And I was happy when they said on the show that she was a gay guy trapped in a girls body :) that's what I've said about myself lately. Fits me perfectly. Sadly though, even though society have become somewhat better nowadays, as in we don't lock people up for being different, society is still treating those who are not "normal" with little respect. People can't understand how some may not be "normal" by society's standards. And very few are willing to listen to the others and even try to understand what we are going through. It's really sad. We who aren't "normal" straight, girly girls who like to talk about hair, make-up, the latest must-have fashion, curtains and how much we'd love to date guys, get married and have a house, a dog, 2,5 kids and all that.. We get ignored. We don't deserve to be listened to because we are weird and we should either learn to be normal or accept that we have to go through life being misunderstood. I'm so tired of locking myself up, not being able to be myself only because some people refuse to accept that I am who I am, and that is NOT the "normal" girl.

For anyone interested in me being hungry, there's food behind the cut!
Today I tried another version of yesterdays dish. Simply because I had to use the veggies so they don't get old :) however I used some other ingredients that made this dish very different. And here's what I had:

Have a guess what the brown is :D ..... CURRY! YAY! Japanese curry owns your panties I tell you. I bought this kind:

Mmmmmm kareeeee... Yea so I cut some chicken and put it in the frying pan with the leek and yellow paprika and just let it cook :) when I decided it was done I added some water and the curry. When the curry had melted in the water I added some cream *drool* yea the kind you use in food, and some cucumber. Aaaaand abra kadabra I had myself some curry cream stew!

Totally yummy I tell you. I still have paprika and leek.. Which I guess I should use tomorrow. But I don't know what to do then O.o *swt*