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In the birthday celebration!


Happy 28th birthday Akiya.. In Japan it is the day after but in Europe it's still today :p But you will probably never see this xD but I will celebrate this day with you in my mind! I wanted to buy cake but I went to Lidl and they didn't have what I wanted so I got some german Apfel-strudel:

It wasn't as great as the cake would have been but it was still good. I have been longing for apple with cinnamon for a few days (^-^)"
Hope you had a great day! The original tour plan says you are supposed to be in Spain tonight but maybe it was canceled I don't know (~.~)..
Anywho! I said yesterday I would post the merch I bought at the Stockholm concert.. so I will :p under a cut!

In the boredom

Aah I'm bored. I'm just waiting for it to get a little later so I can go to bed. Tomorrow I will have my first day at uni for this fall! It's exciting.. But when I looked through my korean books I thought to myself "what have I gotten myself into.." aah I wonder how this will end.. But I will work hard! I want to learn korean well (^-^) I want to be able to read Heechul's cyworld.. OK not only because of that xD I want to do some research that require korean and japanese (^-^)" aah.. Future plans.. Feel a little strange to have this kind of plan going on. Most of my plans aren't seen as so serious by others (O.o)" oh well.. Speaking of Heechul, I could read up on old entries until I go to bed. *nods*

Something that wasn't boring at all was my beloved Kagrra, live!!! Oh GOD I love them so much!!!! I still can't believe I saw them live, and I can REALLY not get that I actally got to meet them and shake their hands!! *faints*
It was unbelievable.. Isshi and Nao spoke swedish during the live XD so cute!!! Aah what they do for their "fans".. most who came were for sure not fans, only some new nerds who think it's cool to go to every japanese live that's in Stockholm.. but oh well :D I don't mind that much! I actually with more had come. Isshi DID promise they would come back but if we had been fewer coming to the live they probably wouldn't come back.. I want them to come back now!! (T_T)
I will post my concert goods tomorrow maybe.. Can't be bothered now... Yeah I'll do it for Akiya's birthday! Tomorrow indeed.. while I'm eating a cake for him (*o*)//
Aaaaaaah Kagrraaaaaaaaa!!!!!! *faints again*

In the Dream Castle

Sunday is almost here.. tomorrow is saturday already. I'm freaking out everytime I think about sunday so I try not to.. So I've spent the day in the My little pony Dream Castle. It got a well needed clean up.. After all these years of playing and idiotic neglect it was pretty dirty. I can't really remember ever cleaning it, but I do hope I did it atleast once. I remember playing with snails in it xD" oh dear..

I got this castle for either my 6th or 7th birthday. I don't think I got everything that came with the castle because my mom bought it second hand. I do know I never had the original Spike that should have been there. I can't remember having the chest either. I do think I may have had the table and goblets but they are gone now as well as some other little trinkets (-.-)" I got the castle along with Majesty and another pony named Windy (purple version).

What's left of the castle is on these pictures:

In the kagura

Well.. First of all, if you only came to look at my pony's you can look

GAWD!!! This week is so.. I don't know what to say.. I've got too little to do so I don't stimulate myself enough so I can't sleep at night anymore no matter how tired I am.. which is kind of ok since I like to watch some of the olympics xD sadly they don't show much of what I want to see... but this morning they showed men's gymnastics *o* hohoho!! It was amazing!

So to try to get a little more tired to be able to get some sleep I decided to go to Stockholm city and look for a Lidl store that wasn't too far away so I can buy cheap food.. and I went to ask when my next Kera! comes :p I don't know why, but Sun Ai get them very late.. Didn't Sci-Fi Bokhandeln already have the August issue? Which Sun Ai says will come next month? Or was it the July issue which Sun Ai will get later this month.. Well maybe I just didn't look that closely and got the month/issue wrong xD Oh well. As long as I don't miss any more it's ok that they are late. I wont get money till later in the month anyway!!

Sci-Fi Bokhandeln (The sci-fi bookstore duh) is in Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm.. I accidently went there because I had planned to go to this record store in Gamla stan that I know sell some japanese CD's (need new Kagrra CD to get signed *dies* WHICH THEY DIDN'T HAVE!!!).. And I decided to comfort myself by buying some green tea chocolate and accidently went too far and ended up seeing "L change the world" in the window of Sci-Fi xD I didn't find it inside. I'm blind.... But I must say that Gamla stan in August is Hell (>.<) SO many tourists.. and everyone is walking like snails because they have to see everything.

BUT!!! I am so happy I am about to BURST!!!! It's so close now till I will FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get to see Kagrra live!!! SERIOUSLY!!! You can't imagine how happy I am! OH GAWD!! It's not many days left till sunday now. AND!!!!! They will have a signing event after the concert and I don't know what to do.. I was hoping sooooo much that they would, it has been like the only think I have had on my mind lately (part from the total Kaoru obsession I have from time to time..) I only wanted to see them up close so badly.. and today when I got home from the city Hannya had written an offline message on MSN saying that they will have the signing event.. I cried (-.-)" then I watched their European Tour Message.. Fangirled over Shin's koto, LMAO'ed at Izum.. and cried after it ended (-.-)" I'm a crybaby.. But I can't help it.. I've wanted to see them live for so many years now. They are the greatest.

Just so I won't start to act like a crybaby again I will end this entry with a cut! Some pics of a new item they sold in Sun Ai. I could go back tomorrow just to get one more...

In the cyberworld

Last night I had a big laugh. Around midnight I thought I'd read up on Cyworld a little before going to bed. I want to sign up on cyworld so bad and I found a guide for foreighners so I may just create an account one of these days. But last night I decided to read some of the rules they have for signing up and.. something I found there made me laugh so much:

22.1    The Company shall not be liable for not providing the Service if it is unable to do so due to acts of God or other force majeure.

Oh really? So.. God.. sometimes close the site so that we wont be able to log on or something? :D Hillarious stuff.. Sorry if some christians think I'm a horrible person for this but seriously xD You know a country is a little bit too christian when they can blame "God".. or other forces.. for keeping the site down. Wonder if I can use that in school.. Yeah sorry I couldn't write my essay because "God" made my computer shut down and I couldn't get it to start again.. Sorry xD


In the boredom

I'm so bored.. I don't feel like doing anything I can do.. I don't like this feeling. I want to continue to watch One Piece but I don't have any more episodes. Maybe I'll watch one of Tim Burtons Batman films..

Speaking of Batman. I went to see Batman the Dark Knight the other day and I can only say that I love The Joker even more now. I was afraid they would ruin his awsomeness but they didn't <3 Happy~~ I want to find the cartoon that I watched when I was a kid. I so loved it~ I wanted to be Harley Quinn xD bwahahahaha!!! AAAAahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! But But.. She's cool! And And.... She was closeish to Joker D: oh sheesh..

In the total mess

Alot has happend since my last post. I went home to the forest for a few weeks, spending my days with a new obsession called Poupée Girl and packing all my things to get ready to move back to Stockholm fulltime. And here I am now in my new one-room apartment. I am in a desperate need to go to IKEA to buy some things though xD I have like nothing. I have a bed and a tv and my computer.. not too much else. Well a chest that I got from grandma when I was little on which the computer is resting for now. Oh and my beloved electric fan which I need now because it's always too hot in here. Oh well.. as I don't have any bookshelf or table or anything useful I can't really unpack my boxes of books, candles, buddhas and video games.. My apartment is a big mess really..

I do feel really happy though. I don't think I have realized I actually live on my own many many miles away from the forest. It will come to me though later on when uni starts and I have to get out more often and see that I'm in the big city now. Alone.. with my cat.. and the and I discovered before.. I tried to get the cat to eat it but it was too fast. Lazy cat.. He used to be such a good ant and spider catcher. Ah yeah anyway :D I've also decided to actually go through with the change from japanese to korean. Though I am a little nervous that I won't get into the korean-class in August.. Though they DO accept EVERYONE who apply for japanese so they should accept all few who apply for korean as well. And no one I've spoken to so far have seen a problem with it.. But you know how it is, can't be too sure till it's final.

As a final comment I must say I'm so VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY because I decided to live on air and dust and buy a ticket for the Kagrra, concert in Stockholm in August~~ Gaaaaaaah I can't wait!! Kagrra, is one of the few bands I would actually cry rivers for not seeing if they come this close. So since I've become a big girl now I decided to treat myself to the wonderful, amazing Kagrra,. They come a little too soon though. I had made plans on what to wear to the future concert if they decided to come.. and I don't have any of the things yet xD oh darn I said.. Oh well. I think I'll go in my normal everyday clothes. Because I'm sure there will be just too many j-rocker wannabe's there anyway. And I'm sure that some will have some wa-loli clothes T_T I want to be wa-loli~ Just like a proper japan-nerd/Kagrra,-nerd~ Can I also add enka-nerd to this?

Oh and anyone who want to add me on Poupée! I'm now 비공주 -Bi-.

In the depth of thought

Last night I watched an episode of Cold Case where they had a case with this girl who had died in the.. I don't know, 50s? 60s? Can't remember unfortunately. Anyway, she was dressed as a boy most of the time, didnt use make-up and had a boys haircut. And so she was bullied and locked away in some horrible place where they put girls with that same "sickness" and tried to "heal" them by forcing them to learn to use makeup, and if they refused they got electric shocks so they lost their mind... It was horrible to watch because I could see myself in that girl. Since I never have been a "girl" as the society wants girls to be like. And I was happy when they said on the show that she was a gay guy trapped in a girls body :) that's what I've said about myself lately. Fits me perfectly. Sadly though, even though society have become somewhat better nowadays, as in we don't lock people up for being different, society is still treating those who are not "normal" with little respect. People can't understand how some may not be "normal" by society's standards. And very few are willing to listen to the others and even try to understand what we are going through. It's really sad. We who aren't "normal" straight, girly girls who like to talk about hair, make-up, the latest must-have fashion, curtains and how much we'd love to date guys, get married and have a house, a dog, 2,5 kids and all that.. We get ignored. We don't deserve to be listened to because we are weird and we should either learn to be normal or accept that we have to go through life being misunderstood. I'm so tired of locking myself up, not being able to be myself only because some people refuse to accept that I am who I am, and that is NOT the "normal" girl.

For anyone interested in me being hungry, there's food behind the cut!

In the world of Japanese Disney

Well yesterday I had two classes. First Japanese court poetry, which has turned out to be some bad ass course which normal people can't take. Seriously now. First of all it's damn good to have some sort of knowledge in the japanese language so you can read the poems in the native language because the translations are so bad since the poems in japanese can be read in atleast two different ways. Sometimes more. So reading some one sided english translation makes it hard to analyse... And to analyse these poems.. I would suggest that anyone who want to try to analyse them should have some kind of litterature education >.< it's seriously hard.. I don't know why I thought this class would be anything but hard..

The second class was The Korean Wave. I was soooo looking forward to this class because in the schedule it said we were going to talk about Shin Joong Hyun and Seo TaeJi. Yeah I thought there would be alot of Seo in class. We DID see one short liveclip with hin the other class. But of course the teacher decided to talk mostly about Shin Joong Hyun and let us hear his music as well as some traditional Korean music most of the class. When we finally got to talk about Seo he only talked like a minute about him and played half a song. Then he said something short about H.O.T. and played almost half a song.. Disappointing T_T ... Buuuuuuuuuuut it was ok anyway because for the last halfhour of the class we got to see the beginning of a concert with Rain hihihi. I was so happy. He is SO sexy damnit. It was only disturbing that I had to watch it with some swedish guys who had to laugh at everything he did -.- jealousy I say. They know they are nothing next to him. Oooooh yeah..

And now I'm sitting here watching The Little Mermaid in japanese. I must say I like it better in swedish. There's a few cartoons which actually are really good in swedish. They are few, but there are some atleast. My friend just happened to have it in japanese so I thought I'd watch it while I eat my try to make some interesting japanese-flavoured food.. The food was ok. If you're interested look behind the cut!

On a sidenote. It's 9pm and it's still almost 30 degrees celcius in this room. My chocolate is melting.

In the Area of Major Doubts

Aaah I've been so busy the past weeks.. months.. whatever.. I tried so hard to study a course at the university from home, not having to go to any lessons. Did Not Work Out At All. I gave it a try and it didn't work out. I'm not that kind of person who can read books just like that and understand it all. Sadly. So I've been freaking out the last few weeks because half of my points this semester where home education courses and I got a loan from CSN (they give money to students yea) for full studies so if I only completed 15 points out of 30 I would have to pay them back half of what I got. NOT too great. So I had to look for other courses to take at the uni and actually found two really interesting courses that started this week. One is about Japanese Heian-period poetry and the other is about "The Korean Wave", basically South Korean popular culture. Getting so much contact with korean culture again has given me so much doubt about my choice in language and country of interest. Yes I've been into Japan for almost 10 years and I still love the country, fashion, music, dramas, the history, classical theatre.. Just about everything. But thinking back on these years I started to wonder if I simply just chose Japan just because. Because the spoken language was easier to copy. From the early beginning I was interested in South Korea as well and have wanted to study the language. But I got snowed in on Japan and almost forced myself NOT to get too into Korean things. Maybe so that I wouldn't happen to get more interested in Korea.. I don't know really. All I know is that over the years a serious thought about moving over to South Korea have been stuck in my mind. And now, 3 something months before I start studying japanese for real, a big ass doubt edged itself inside my head.. This will so screw with my studying. I have 3 courses that need me focused on studying! I can't sit here and worry about my choices.. Gah.. I wish someone could tell me some great reason why I should choose one over the other.